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J.J. Howard

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Pugs and Kisses meets The Baby-sitters Club in this story of three friends, adorable pugs, and a dog-walking business!

The best part of Kat's day is getting to walk her neighbor's irresistible pug, Meatball. So when her parents insist she start an extracurricular this year, she makes her own, by turning her hobby into a business: a dog-walking business, that is.

She and her best friends, Taz and Lucy -- as well as the cute new boy, Declan -- try to get Four Paws Dog Walking into shape. But wrangling puppies and pleasing customers turns out to be harder than they thought! Can Kat keep taking care of the dogs she loves without hurting her friendships?


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Pugs and Kisses
The Love Pug
Sit, Stay, Love
Pugs in a Blanket
Z on Location
That Time I Joined the Circus
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Once upon a time, I was the girl way, way out in the outfield during P.E. class, hoping the ball wouldn't come anywhere near me and grumbling under my breath about better ways I could use my time…like reading, writing, watching TV or a movie--essentially anything involving storytelling. If you were the one actually trying to catch the ball, I'm really sorry. 


The tree in this picture is misleading. I’m probably indoors right now. 

In The Press

In the Press

Praise for Pugs and Kisses:

"This is a feel-good novel for youngsters that works, even for those who aren't enamored of dogs. Themes of family, friendship, and first love are gently explored in this novel filled with humor and tenderness."

"The story is as light and sweet as the cotton candy Cecilia's new buddy Lily adores, and a gentle take on puppy love of all varieties."

Praise for That Time I Joined the Circus

"Lexi's credible voice, tumultuous emotions, and passion for music are authentically adolescent, while her growing resilience adds a tough yet appealing streak to her character and keeps her future in doubt to the very last pages."


Virginian Pilot

Publisher's Weekly

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Enjoy J.J. Howard's music playlists for That Time I Joined the Circus, Tracers, and Sit, Stay, Love


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